2019 Contractor participates for the first time in the Lünendonk study “Providers for Recruitment, Placement and Management of IT Freelancers in Germany” and right away reaches 2nd place among all participants in the area of revenue growth.

Patrick Berger (CSO) is pleased about the sustainable success: “We see our strong growth as a direct path to the overall markets TOP10. 2nd place is an important step in the right direction and confirms our strategic orientation as a premium personnel consultancy. Operationally, such achievements can only be reached and celebrated with the right team. The Contractor team is evolving every day and in combination with our Contractor Matching process and our new AI solution “Carma”, this amazing team provides an exclusive competitive advantage for our clients.”

In 2019, Contractor continues to be on the fast track with more than 30% revenue growth. As part of this success story, Contractor is opening its third office in Stuttgart.