The Contractor Group looks back on the very successful year 2015. It increased turnover by 50% compared to the previous year. Contractor thus continues its above-average growth. Contractor was able to significantly exceed the 7.6% growth forecast by the 2015 Lünendonk study: “The Market for Recruitment, Placement and Management of IT Freelancers in Germany”. The Contractor not only outperformed the growth figures of its competitors in the IT freelancing market segment, but was also one of the fastest-growing companies in Germany overall according to a study by Focus and Statista, earning it the “2016 Growth Champion” award. Contractor achieved this high growth with its high consulting quality and focus on its performance leader strategy. “With our existing clients, we achieve a fill rate of over 60% for presented profiles. We achieve this because we usually present only one profile to our clients, but this then being a 100% match,” said Patrick Berger, founder of Contractor Group. „Our customers love that and it leads to an impressive quote of 80% of all customers contacting us again after the first assignment.“